All Walks of Life Provides Compassionate Care For All Species

Preventive Care

All pets require regularly scheduled comprehensive examinations to maintain good physical health and to detect medical problems as early as possible. Vaccinations, heartworm tests and medication, worming and fecal exams including McMaster’s quantification for equine are essential to your best friend’s well-being.


Dr. Samuels offers diagnostic tests and procedures to ensure the health and well-being of your pet.


Oral hygiene is very important for all pets, small and large. Timely checkups can prevent a multitude of problems. Dr. Samuels offers dental procedures for both equine and small animals.

Client Education

Dr. Samuels is committed to teaching you how to care for both your large and small animals, providing knowledge to help strengthen the human animal bond.

Prepurchase Examinations

When you're thinking about purchasing a new horse, a comprehensive prepurchase exam helps you to make an intelligent, informed decision on whether to buy the horse.


Dr. Samuels evaluates and treats your horse's lameness issues and works with your farrier to help facilitate healing your horse.


Some surgeries can be performed at the home or on the farm. However, to maintain our mission statement of practicing excellence, some surgeries require a hospital setting. In these cases, we can bring our mobile hospital to your home or you have the option of bringing your pet to our mobile hospital.


If your pet gets lost or is stolen, a microchip implanted in your pet helps to identify your pet easily.


Dr. Samuels offers ultrasound services for your mare or small animal.


Saying good-bye to your best friend is one of the hardest things that you ever have to do. Dr. Samuels makes it easier by performing euthanasias at home.


Help is available for your medical emergencies 24 hours a day. You cannot plan sickness or emergencies. However, it’s nice to know that when they occur, your doctor is available to help you.

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